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Boston Harbor Cruise @Attractions4US

The Boston Harbor Islands and their stories

Historic Fort Warren - Georges Island

Known to all for its majestic architecture and its ghosts (evil?), Fort Warren is a fort dating from the Civil War, quite popular public often wants to know every corner.
You can either visit the Fort by following the herd during a guided tour, or you can book a Boston Harbor Sightseeing Cruise to abandon your visit to different Islands of Boston.

Boston Light - Little Brewster Island

Proud to welcome its oldest lighthouse US soil, Little Brewster Island maintains its monument carefully. At the start of the Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center, boats full of rangers who will tell you more on the Boston Harbor , while enjoying the pleasure to admire the magnificent views of the city.

Boston Harbor Sightseeing Cruise

Once climbed the 76 steps to the top of the tower, have a chat with the lighthouse keeper who will tell you some stories ... after that you will be happy not to have to exchange your work against his. At least not on stormy days.

In the wild
A break at the beach

Who said island , said beaches. You can relax especially on Spectacle Island , filled with beautiful beaches of sand, showers and lifeguards in summer.
Lovells Island is another good option, known for its beautiful sandy beach where you can take a dip and empty (but not supervised by muscular red shirt this time).
Just know that it is forbidden to swim near boats to Hull Gut and Georges Island .

Getting water

Wander from island to island, moor wherever you want, drift with the waves ... You have your own boat , enjoy! It is possible to moor at more than 30 points on the islands (except Thompson, Moon, Long and Gallop).
Most athletes can fall back on the paddle, and paddle quietly on the water while watching a big fish from the corner of the eye.

Give everything hike

Particularly famous among the continent's indigenous people, hiking trails Boston Harbor Islands stretch for tens of kilometers, and are accessible whatever your level.
Peddocks  Island , about 16 kilometers of trails await you, with beautiful views of nature; open peepers well as places full of birds, and do not miss the Boston Light lighthouse photo, to be framed.
Located in Hingham, Worlds End has some of the most beautiful hiking trails, suitable for all levels. The beautiful park , designed by the renowned Frederick Law Omsted to whom we must also Central Park in New York and Mont-Royal in Montreal, is dressed with beautiful trees, leads to wonderful views and offers well-maintained trails.

Niagara Falls Tour

At about 20 minutes from Boston, Spectacle Island takes you to the highest point of the Harbor, North Drumlin, you can either climb in one go, or climb gradually preferring the stairs. Up there, a 360-degree view breathtaking awaits you ... Belle reward.

Pause fishing

Boston Harbor is a few years become a favorite place to indulge in the favorite sport of the great gazers: the fishing .
Whether you prefer fishing from a pontoon boat or the shore, fish bait, the plug or fly, you might catch a striped bass, a cod or flounder.

Rest for better start

And if you do not have enough, you can spend the night there; the experience is memorable but also very popular, so book well ahead Boston Harbor Cruise with Attractions4US.
You can camp on 4 islands : Bumpkin Island, Grape Island Lovells Island Peddocks Island. There are a total of 33 sites, where you can sit with your tent, and 6 Yurts available if you prefer to sleep in a cabin here for more cozy where you can rest.

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